Recap: Val’s Best Looks Of Spring 2022

This spring was one for the books!

It was chillier, wetter, and windier than normal, and most of the US isn’t seeing what their “typical” version of spring is until this very moment. Before you know it, we’ll start feeling summer temps!

Before we enter a new season, let’s take a look at some of the looks I was especially proud of this season.

I can’t ignore that jacket. It’s a statement piece that I added to my collection this season, and it’s going to carry me year round for sure! I see going to fall events in it especially.

Then, we have what may possible be my favorite spring fabric… denim.

Transitional seasons like spring almost demand a light yet sturdy enough material to keep us cool but also warm enough… our answer to this is denim! Here’s my homage to the fabric.

Moving on, spring means our feet get the see the sun!

I liked to welcome this change with some scrappy sandals that definitely highlight the curve in anyone’s legs.

I ended up turning this into a neutral moment as well.

Let’s also talk about boots for a moment, shall we? Yes, these are my choice form of footwear… but they MAKE SENSE year round!! Especially in Minnesota where you don’t know if you’re dealing with mud or dry ground from one minute to the next.

Boots are a year round luxury we should all enjoy, and these lighter colored ones are perfect for spring.

Note the blazer too. Blazers are wonderful additions to anyone’s closet for professional occasions, and transitional seasons.

Last, but not least, we have my favorite faux leather moment from this season. Faux leather is another situation that’s perfect for transitional seasons like spring. It’s not so hot that you can’t wear it at this point in the year.

Keep cool, but warm enough, with these ideas! Do you have a favorite look from this selection?

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