Winter Coats You’ll Want To Wear This Season

You don’t live in Minnesota for four years without learning a thing or two about how to dress in the winter.

In Rochester, we can see wind gusts up to 30mph (or more!) which plunge our temps to below freezing levels each winter. It’s not if it’ll be a cold winter, it’s when.

We’ve talked about layering to combat this before. While that is a good idea, I’ve also learned that you don’t need to sacrifice fashion for it either. You can still layer up and look put together. You can even find your style! The piece that can really tie it all to perfection is your winter coat.

I used to think that winter coats were boring, black, and only served one purpose: keeping us warm. There’s so much more to them than that if you want them to be! I chose to make this year the year that I make winter coats fun – you know, since we’re living in them from December to March here (and sometimes into early April!).

Exhibit A: If you like print, show it!

You know your girl is here for an animal print moment. If you’re like me, take that part of you into your winter wardrobe too! I found this number at Kohl’s. Is it a little pricey? Yeah. Before investing in any piece of clothing, think about how you’ll incorporate it into your wardrobe. I knew I’d love this coat every winter (and I don’t get tired of animal print), so I bought it.

Choose a print you love, and find a winter coat that it comes in – voila! No more boring black.

Let’s talk about texture here for a moment too.

The texture of your winter coat can make it fun too. I love experimenting with color and print, but don’t rule out how a coat feels to you either. Big, shaggy, and fuzzy coats sometimes have me feeling like a celebrity. Try it!

This fuzzy gem is a fun tie-dye moment that feels wonderful to the touch! I got it at Target.

Bonus tip: ALWAYS buy winter coats oversized. Why? They’ll last into next season regardless of any weight changes. You’re welcome.

Are you planning on keeping warm with a fun coat this year?

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