Class Of 2020: Val’s Best Looks

2020 was a hard year for a lot of reasons, but when it came to fashion we seemed to revert to the 90s even more.

For me, 2020 seemed like all I had to do for fun was… well… work on my wardrobe. I’m not complaining about that, and I’m very blessed and grateful to have continued working while millions hadn’t this year, but I sure missed going out and seeing my loved ones.

To distract me from that, I got a lot more serious about my shopping habits. I didn’t buy anything I thought I’d “get rid of” in a few months. I didn’t buy any “trendy” items. I bought “Val” items. I bought pieces of clothing that I knew I wouldn’t get tired of.

The only way to show these looks off was Instagram! Ready to look back on my 2020 looks?

Let’s start with the masks…

We knew that we couldn’t escape the masks this year. Hopefully, you didn’t. As long as we had to wear them, we were quick to “make them fashion” and find cute ones we actually enjoyed wearing them.

You can still do this! Find some in a print or pattern you like.

Before things went down in March, in January of 2020 I was busy keeping warm for winter and falling in love with winter coats. This year, I’m perfecting them by finding some in my own style.

I also got plenty of use out of my blue light glasses! I’m wondering if I forget that they were even on when I snapped some of these!? Ha!

Regardless, glasses seemed to add an accessory to my looks in 2020. Berets were a hot accessory for me last winter too.

By spring, I started to wear fishnets more and begin to experiment with an alternative look. I wanted to go somewhat goth but not full goth – if that makes any sense at all.

I thought that mixing fishnets and skirts or bike shorts was cute.

Wanna know what else I was obsessed with this spring? Denim! Yep. Whether it was jeans or jackets, I loved the fabric and ended up buying it in blue or black washes. It’s pretty rock n’ roll.

In the summer, I ended up adding something I didn’t previously have in my closet but wanted for year: horror t-shirts.

I started my collection in June or so, and they made their first appearances on my Instagram account.

Not only am I horror fan, I just think these movie poster tees add to a rock n’ roll look as well. The music and film genre have always gone hand in hand.

Moving on to fall, this season meant cloaks and dusters for me. These were also new additions to my closet that I was just learning to experiment with.

You could say that Killstar became a shop that I now regularly search for cool gothy items.

You don’t want to waste a good blazer moment in the fall, spring, or winter – and I took full advantage of that in 2020 too by finding blazers that fit my style.

Fuzzy and fun winter coats are my thing again this winter. Check out that blog too!

Did you invest in your wardrobe in 2020? Was your look at pajamas or did you have some fun experimenting too?

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