This New Video From The 9th Planet Out Is Pretty Spooky – [VIDEO]

Well, well, well, this escalated quickly!

…and in a damn good way. We go from winter vibes, to creepy castle, to messing with a ouija board in seconds here – so, follow along!

Rochester locals The 9th Planet Out just released a brand new single and video for “Trapped” on Friday. What’s even cooler is that they collaborated with Cody Evan Hoffman from City of the Weak on this. He filmed and edited it.

Give it a watch below!

It’s nice to see that there are still some rockers out there who are maintaining the reputation of the genre for being creepy and spooky in their work!

When I watch this video, I can clearly hear some A7X and Pantera influence in the music. Love it!

The band is making a lot of reference on social media to the particular lyric in “Trapped” that says, “It looked like an empty house, nothing much to see. From the inside its clear to tell, that you will never leave.” Which tells me that this is a story about how it feels when someone just won’t leave your mind. It’s almost like they’re trapped there forever.

Stay tuned. I think we’re going to see more music on the way soon – and if it sounds like this, I’m into it!

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