Molly Rennick Chats Living Dead Girl, Touring, And What ‘Sexy’ Really Is

Even in 2023, there are some pockets of the rock and metal world who (stupidly) assert that women have to “try harder” to be taken seriously by the culture. That doesn’t phase Molly Rennick of Living Dead Girl one bit.

She dresses how she wants. She sings what she wants. Overall, she’s a badass and the band she’s part of is too.

This our chat on the band, touring, and what being “sexy” really means.

Picture it: It’s a Tuesday night in 2006. You’re surfing MySpace. You find the heaviest pop-punk aesthetic and sound you’ve been looking for to capture your mood. Except, it’s not 2006. It’s 2023, and Living Dead Girl is the band who captured your heart.

Singer Molly Rennick shares her story and the story of the band.

Living Dead Girl has a new single called “Dysfunctional” out now. Get more on the band here.

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