Conquer Divide Conquers Misogyny In Metalcore

Five girls. One band. What could go wrong?

When I first learned about Conquer Divide, I immediately wondered about their experience making music as women in our modern day music climate. We know icons like Girlschool, Vixen and The Runaways faced a heavy amount of misogyny in the 70s and 80s, but was this still going on? If you ask the ladies of Conquer Divide, they’ll tell you it may at times, but overall… none of that even matters when it comes to playing their music.

This is their story.

Wanna know what it’s really like to be in a girl band? Is the scene still as closed off to the idea of a girl band as it was in the 80s? Find out from the ladies of Conquer Divide.

Conquer Divide are set to bring a lot of new things to us during the remainder of the year! Stay tuned. Connect with them here.

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