Ashley Ballard: ‘What It’s Actually Like Being A Queer Content Creator’

It’s people like Ashley Ballard that we absolutely need to listen to when they get vulnerable.

Like anyone else on Instagram, I followed Ashley because I’m also obsessed with black and neutrals and wanted to follow someone who sort of looked like me. We think “hey! they look like me so if they’re wearing something that looks good on them… maybe it’ll look good on me?” Ashley was (and still is) styling these colors so well that I had to take notes!!

I was honored that Ashley accepted my invite to come on Very Vogue with Val Kleinhans to talk style, and queer issues. Pride Month isn’t over yet, and there’s still so much to learn. This is Ashley’s story.

For more on what they’re doing, give Ashley a follow on Instagram and definitely stay up to date with their website.

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