LaChelle Wieme Wants You To Find Your ‘Better’ Self And Get ‘Unstuck’

Life throws curveballs at us regularly. Why not embrace them, and ride the emotional wave that comes with them instead of staying stuck?

I have an expert in this local to me, so of course I knew I wanted to chat with her on Very Vogue with Val Kleinhans.

Her name is LaChelle Wieme. Like my story, she had to pivot in life when she realized that her chosen profession wasn’t completely serving her. She adjusted things. She pivoted. This is our story.

If you’d like to switch things up in life, LaChelle and I are living proof that you can do that – and find your version of success. Go for it!

LaChelle was also kind enough to have me on her podcast, Unstuck with LaChelle Wieme. Check out my episode with her on her show below!

For more on LaChelle, follow her own website for recent updates.

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