What The Hell Is Going On In This New Twin Lakes Video?

I’ve asked myself several questions since watching “The Sun Always Rises” – I did my best to come up with the following answers.

What the hell exactly is happening in this new Twin Lakes video!?

If you don’t know them, Twin Lakes is a band out of Rochester, Minnesota that have only been on part of the scene recently – but they’re getting attention quick. I think that’s due to Robert’s distinctive voice. No one in the area sounds like him.

Their sound is so original that you know its them when their music is playing.

In the spirit of originality, I don’t recall ever seeing a music video in Rochester done the way they just did theirs for “The Sun Always Rises.” Check it out below!

Again I ask, WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE!? Are we watching another installment of Saw?

No. I think we’re watching a manifestation of the lyrics behind the song. You see, in my view, “The Sun Always Rises” (and the video for it) is pretty literal. You can’t predict what’s going to happen to you in life (as shown in the video), and you can’t say how you’ll react immediately either.

What is a guarantee is that life moves on.

The whole video has The Big Lebowski vibes for me because Robert’s character just seems caught up in nonsense he wasn’t part of … until someone makes him part of it.

All in all – great concept and lyrics! What do you think?

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