What I Learned As A Blonde, And What I Learned As A Brunette

In case you missed it, I went through a hair change recently.

After going for a blonde balayage look last spring, I decided to go back to being a brunette… but I kept the balayage look because I think it’s so stylish! I didn’t go quite completely back to my natural black hair, but I did get closer to it.

You might be asking, “why change your hair at all?” Well, my answer to that is at the time I thought dying my hair a lighter color would make me look more professional, and give me a “cheery” appearance when I would go to business meetings, and maybe… just maybe… I wouldn’t be called a “goth” as often.

Me, with my natural hair.

I was tired of being made fun of for my natural look and tired of being told by my superiors that I was “harsh”. Were they talking about my words or my look? I guess I’ll never really know, but I thought “looking lighter” would help me be received better. Furthermore, balayage is still really trendy right now, and I think it’s a cute style! I wanted to try it on.

I didn’t quite get any of that “better reception” as a blonde.

Here’s a few things that I learned while being a blonde, and a few things I’ve learned as a brunette too.

  1. Blonde or brunette made no difference in how I was treated in business: I still was “too harsh” or “combative” when I stood up for myself or others. Hair color had absolutely nothing to do with how I was perceived, and it didn’t help me either. My observation was that the clothes I wore, and a more “eager to please” and subservient attitude was what got me the attention I thought I wanted.
  2. Being a brunette enhances my facial features: Go figure that reverting to closer to my natural hair color brought out the features I was naturally given!
  3. Being a blonde was really hard on my hair: The bleach did some damage, as expected, and I needed more conditioner to smooth it. Now that I’m just coloring my hair, it feels healthier.
  4. Having my hair styled with more layers and a shorter cut made me feel amazing: Color didn’t have anything to do with it. The cut made it easier to get ready in the morning and made me feel more polished but not so mature that I didn’t still feel young and fresh.

Overall, I learned that the cut really is more important than the color -though the color change can add a nice polish.

Love what you got friends! That, will forever be in vogue.

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