Nick Thompson Goes From ‘Love Is Blind’ On Netflix To Mental Health Advocate

If you’re like me, you’re obsessed with reality TV hit Love Is Blind on Netflix and remember Nick Thompson from season two.

While Nick did find love on the show (for a time), he decided to get something arguably better out of his experience. He started to draw back the curtains of how reality TV works, share his experience with the world, and become a mental health advocate in response.

This is his story.

You’ve seen Nick Thompson on season two Netflix’s popular reality show Love Is Blind. While the show looks like a fairytale, the experience and aftermath took a very seriously toll on Nick’s mental health. This is his story. This how he’s changing the way reality stars are treated in the entertainment industry.

I’ve learned so much from Nick during our conversation and will definitely take reality TV with a grain of salt from here on out! Keep up with Nick at his website. You can also find him all over social media. Nick has his own podcast too! It’s called Eyes Wide Open with Nick Thompson. You can listen to it here.

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