Val’s Best Looks Of 2022

2022 was the year she finally embraced crop tops.

Y’all… I could not be more happy with how much I experimented with my style this year! I love a crop top now, and I’m no longer ashamed to wear them.

I also have to say that this year was a year where I felt like I found “who Val is” when it comes to fashion. I went with my own judgement when it came to what I wanted to purchase and how to style it. This was the year that I truly felt like I wasn’t borrowing a concept from someone else, but styling things on my own just because I liked them. Sometimes, I feel like looking to others for inspiration is a good idea, but other times you can lose yourself and your own vibe in that translation. Just be mindful of how much you’re “borrowing” from someone else.

In the meantime, take a look at the looks I’m most proud of from 2022.

My winter trend of finding fab coats didn’t die in 2022, in fact, I leveled up my coat game.

Can’t forget the faux leather moments we have during the fall and winter either!

In early spring, she found her love of animal print again. Not that it was ever “gone” – I just had a pretty intense neutrals phase up to this point with not as much “personality.” To me, print adds personality.

Band tees and blazers always have a moment every transition season too. 2022 was no exception.

I introduced some of my now favorite dresses into my closet this spring too!

We also found out we love a heel. Especially a stiletto kitten heel.

Then, we enter summer and my crop top phase which will probably rear its head again this summer.

Crop tops are better when they’re faux leather too.

Who doesn’t love a band tee and shorts moment during the summer?

My favorite summer had to be the sleek one I prepared based on Kim Kardashian’s trip to the White House. I wore this to RISE for Equity in Chicago this summer.

Super proud of this late summer headwrap moment too! I’m hoping to do more headwrap moments like this for this summer too.

I adored these sandals this spring and summer too!

By the time August hits, I’m thinking about switching up my hair. Having a sleek long hair look was super chic, but I just missed my layers – so, I stayed on trend and very rock n’ roll at the same time. I went for a shag haircut.

Late summer/early fall, I started to introduce plaid and flannel looks into my life. I try to do that every year around that time!

During this transitional time for weather, I also got really into cropped blazers.

October meant horror tees, because duh.

Come November, it’s time to break out the fabulous coats again. They don’t have to be heavy winter coats quite yet, but the lighter ones add some style this time of year.

Don’t forget the cute layering or sweater vest moments!

and, finally, we finish off the year with some sparkle.

Which look from 2022 was your fave?

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