Val Recaps Her Best Boston Moments

Where else would you spend October? Boston and Salem are perfect for this month!

I cannot tell you how grateful I was to go on this trip and experience so much fun, food, and history.

ICYMI, I went to Boston and Salem with my husband this month. We did so much! We explored the Freedom Trail, Boston Common, Boston Harbor, and all that Salem had to offer this spooky month – The Witch House and Witch Museum.

Let’s not forget the food either! We had great food and drinks at Boston Sail Loft, The Black Rose, Cheers, Harry’s Bar & Grill, and the Sam Adams taproom. Take note of those places if you plan a trip there.

Wanna see some pics? I got you!

This is the Salem content!

Totally didn’t know Blackcraft Cult had a physical store in Salem! But, they do. You should shop there.

Did I convince you that Boston is worth the trip? I’d go back. Thanks for tagging along and checking out what I did!

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