How Val Gets Guests For Her Podcast ‘Very Vogue’

Ever wondered what it takes to make a podcast? Guests are just one item. Sometimes, they’re the hardest part to pin down when creating a podcast.

Thankfully, I’ve sort of got booking my guests for Very Vogue with Val Kleinhans to a science. Ready to get your own guests? Here’s some tips…

For starters, just ASK. Send the invite! The worst you’ll hear is a “no” and then you can keep it moving… onto the next! Other helpful hints…

  1. Book way ahead of time. I’ve booked as far ahead as six months with some guests before. This allows for flexibility on both ends, and usually means you’re one of the first items on their calendar that month.
  2. Be flexible. Let’s say a last minute change happens. Or, maybe a guest needs to reschedule for whatever reason. OR, you get a super exciting guest and you’re just pumped to put their episode out ASAP. Whatever the reason, build some flexibility into your schedule. Planning ahead of time helps with this.
  3. Flesh out an idea first. Come to your potential guest with an idea of what you see the two of you chatting about. Even if it’s general, it’s SOMETHING. They’ll appreciate the thought and will likely be more comfortable with coming on your show if they already have an idea of what they’re in for.
  4. Don’t dive right into the conversation. The chat should be FUN. Don’t dive into recording right away if you’re having a good time bs’ing before. Let that flow too. If you do this, I guarantee you’ll both sound more prepared and comfortable.

What are some of your favorite podcasts to listen to? Can you think of any other tips when it comes to podcasting?

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