6 Movies Made For The ‘Misfits’

We’ve all felt like a misfit before at least once in our life, haven’t we?

A lot of us are headed back to our “normal” routines once the school year kicks back in, so I figured it was a good time to revisit some of my favorite comfort movies I play whenever I’m feeling like a outcast and things are sort of… weird.

Steal one of my favorites for your own boost, and enjoy!

  • Ace Ventura: He’s one of a kind! That’s for sure! Yet, he proves to be few who are super astute and observant in the end – much to the dismay of those who doubted him.

  • 10 Things I Hate About You: Two outcasts being happy together after a whole entire school screwed with them? Yep, that’s a win!

  • The Sandlot: A group of kids include “the new guy” and have one of the best summers ever. It pays to be nice! Include other people when you can.

  • The Breakfast Club: If you can’t see yourself in one of these characters, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s heartwarming to see their perceptions of each other dissipate. They weren’t “supposed” to be friends, but they became friends.

  • Beetlejuice: So you’re fascinated with ghosts and other dark things instead of what most girls are obsessed with in school? That’s alright.

  • Edward Scissorhands: A whole town accepts someone new in the neighborhood and actually recognizes his talent (for a moment anyway)? I like that idea!

Which movie are you watching tonight? Got any others you’d recommend?

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