Former ‘Flavor Of Love’ Contestant Shows She Still Loves Media

There’s two ways you may recognize Amanda “Ice” Habrowski.

You might know her from one the radio stations she’s been on before. You may also know her from reality TV – specifically, the third season of Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav.

I watched this season, and appreciated Ice’s honesty when it came to the show. She was there for the experience.

Today, she’s still behind the mic at 93.1 The Mountain in Las Vegas.

Her and I crossed paths because radio is SUCH a small industry. When I was a host, we came across each other in radio networking groups online and stayed in touch after.

Take a listen to us catching up here!

I highly recommend following Ice at 93.1 The Mountain and on Instagram.

2 responses to “Former ‘Flavor Of Love’ Contestant Shows She Still Loves Media”

  1. Brenda Gallagher Avatar
    Brenda Gallagher

    She’s an Amazing person & DJ!!Really makes her listeners feel appreciated & I’m sure she means it!!

    1. Ice is awesome!

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