That Time Val Met Vecna

Before there was Vecna, there was Jamie Campbell Bower.

Well, he was always Jamie… but now we know him as Vecna, the newest villain seen on Stranger Things.

So how did Val meet Max’s terrorizer? It happened well before season 4, we’ll put it that way. In 2018, we knew Jamie was an actor that most of us had probably seen in some of the Twilight movies or Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – and we were getting to know his former band COUNTERFEIT.

COUNTERFEIT ended up playing Northern Invasion in 2018 – and guess who covered it? Here’s my first time meeting Jamie Campbell Bower.

This took me BACK y’all. I had so much fun covering these festivals for what was Z-ROCK 107.7 at the time.

Major congratulations to Jamie on landing such a memorable role on a show loved by so many!

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