Val’s Picks: 4 Things Worth Investing Money Into

We hear “it’s an investment!” all the time, don’t we?

It’s almost like we’re sick of it. Sometimes, it’s the truth though. Putting money into certain things does (at times) lead to reward.

I’m not one that was able to afford the things I’m about to show you until only recently. I cringe when I see people sharing super expensive things regularly. That lifestyle is just not feasible for all of us. Now, I’m getting a lot choosier about what I think it worth my coin. So, I’m not spending tons of money on all the things… just select things. Things I use often. Things I’m passionate about. Things that make me feel like me.

If you’re struggling with how to decide what’s worth your coin, you’re not alone. I had to think about it. I asked myself, “what am I regularly spending my time on that makes me feel my best?” Hey, time = money. If I’m spending a lot of time thinking or acting on something, it’s probably worth my money. My answer to what was important to me (when it came to feeling my best) was: my hair, my skincare, and I like smelling good for myself and others. Below is a look at what I spent some coin on based on that thought process.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer:

Yes, it is expensive. For a hairdryer, very expensive. I look at it this way: I like a quick morning routine (this dryer saves me a lot of time in the morning!), wearing my long (yep! there’s a lot of it!) hair down, and the confidence that comes with knowing my hair is free of frizz. This hair dyer truly accomplishes those things. I’m saving for the Dyson straightener for this reason next.

YSL Libre:

Seriously, the best perfume. I love it. It’s worth the cost because it does stay on for a while. I feel like I’m taking care of myself when I’ve got it on. The scent does exemplify YSL’s traditional music loving/rocker life vibes. Another honorable mention would be Chloe’s Eau De Parfum.


I love Burt’s Bees for my skin care. My sensitive skin has never had a bad reaction to any of their products. I’m a big fan of the reaffirming eye cream, cleansers, and facial oil especially. If you have sensitive skin like I do, it’s worth investing in.

Statement Pieces:

I’m talking about clothes and shoes in your closet here. It’s so worth investing in select pieces that are timeless, professional, and you know you’ll use in multiple scenarios. I’m thinking quality blazers, blazer dresses, trousers, badass leather jackets, denim jackets, black loafers or pumps, etc. The things you know will never go out of style. For me, this meant snagging the cutest ASOS blazer dress to get ready for a conference I’m headed to next month. I know I’m showing up to that dressed appropriately – and well! That piece of mind is priceless.

At the end of the day, it’s all about investing in quality and ourselves. Content creation gear is another thing I spend money on because I’m happy creating and I’m into sound quality. Could I survive without those things? Sure. That’s why I’m not suggesting rushing to your phone or store just yet. Ask yourself what’s worth your money. What would be on your list? Ask yourself about what makes you feel best and happiest and invest in those things!

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