Dr. Gregory Sadler Chats About Possible Benefits Philosophy Has On Mental Health

Philosophy is becoming one of my new favorite things.

It all started when my husband was watching philosophy videos from several different academics and content creators on YouTube, and one of them he watches frequently is Dr. Gregory Sadler. So, that means we both have watched Dr. Sadler!

Lately, Dr. Sadler has done a series on stoicism and we’ve both found it so interesting! I’ve even seen a slight confidence boost in my husband since watching it, which made me ask, “is it possible that philosophy and its concepts can benefit our mental health?”

I decided to chat with Dr. Sadler about that, metal, and a slew of other things in this episode of Very Vogue with Val Kleinhans.

I’m so excited to bring this particular episode to YouTube! It’s the first time I’ve done this! I’d like to do this more often with YouTube content creators in particular. The usually Spotify link is below.

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