Val’s Rant: ‘We Don’t Talk About Mental Health Enough’

Frustrated by the lack of attention to mental health in the US? Annoyed and angry with the mass shootings we’ve seen? You’re far from alone.

Millions of Americans take antidepressants to go on with their daily lives. While this isn’t exactly news, I can’t help but ask why no one is focusing on this fact.

Why is it that we’re not talking about the way we live our lives? Why is it that we’re content with bullying and mass shootings? Why is it that we can’t admit an underfunded mental health industry is part of the problem in this country? I don’t have all of the answers, but I did want to share my feelings.

How are you feeling about your own mental health? Do you think we need to talk about this more?

2 responses to “Val’s Rant: ‘We Don’t Talk About Mental Health Enough’”

  1. I agree that it seems that most of the mass killings are committed by someone who had been bullied. Perhaps adding “coping skills” for victims of bullying to school curriculums would help. On the other side, teaching “empathy” might help.

    1. Yes!! Both can only help.

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