Suggestions For Dressing Fabulously During A Cold, Wet, And Windy Spring

The weather is going to do… whatever it does… but that doesn’t mean we can’t look amazing while it decides.

The cold, wet, and very windy spring is dragging. It’s bumming me out. I’m sure it’s getting on your nerves too. However, the truth is, there’s not much we can do about the weather – but we do have control over how we dress in response to it.

Here’s some of my tips for dressing during this madness – because who knows how long it’ll last.

This pic from my Instagram is a great example of layering. When the wind is too much, or a sprinkle randomly decides to show up, layers can still keep us fashionable and dressed weather appropriately. Throw over a cool coordinated later (jacket, shirt, etc) that works with the color palette of a graphic tee of your choosing and ta da! You’re looking “put together” in seconds.

Here’s another example of the color coordination/layering trick in action.

This next trick is one that I admittedly use year round, but it works for scenarios like these.

If you’ve spent even two seconds following me, you’ll know that I’m a fan of dark colors. This philosophy is perfect for weird weather! Whether it decides to rain, produce snow flurries, or get windy, your dark colors will make the evidence! Think about it: when you’re wearing black, no one can see raindrops on that color.

Happy spring! It’s been rough for us fashionistas this season, but we’ll get through it!

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