5 Metal Shows That Need To Be On Your Spring Concert Calendar

Concert season and festival season are fast approaching! In fact, you could argue that it’s almost begun already. To prepare you, here are some shows I think should be on your calendar this spring.

  1. Opeth & Mastodon: They’re both extremely good musicians, and put on amazing shows. Worth the ticket!

2. Apocalyptica & Lacuna Coil: This tour was a tragedy of the pandemic, but it’s been rescheduled for this season.

3. Arch Enemy & Behemoth: This one is a very solid lineup. Get tickets here.

4. Code Orange: This one is also going to give you a look at Griffin Taylor’s band Vended – yep, Corey Taylor’s son.

5. Destruction & Nervosa: I’ve gotta help my girls out here! If you’ll remember, Diva Satántica chatted with me about this tour before they got to the US. Get tickets here.

Which tour do you think you’ll be getting tickets for?

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