Val Shares A Sneak Peek At Her Spring 2022 Style

I have to admit, transition seasons are my favorite! Especially when it comes to clothes and style.

Regardless of the season, I’ve learned that layering is helpful and essential in Minnesota – so a lot of my style this spring is going to include some layering. Don’t worry, the usual animal print and faux leather is here too!

Take a look.

I’ve been having the best time working with neutrals and earth tones still as well. Spring doesn’t have to exclusively include florals only. Make time for prints you love!

Another great layering example is this number below.

I decided to work a blazer over a very rock n’ roll AC/DC shirt and faux croc pants.

If you’re into band tees, I’d still highly suggest Hot Topic and ROCKABILIA to find one you love. If you’re into vintage tees from any music genre, it’s odd for me to say this, but UO truly has been killing it lately as evidenced by this Mariah Carey one I snagged below.

The last thing I’m going to be obsessed with this spring is harnesses. I’m learning that they have an edge to them that makes any outfit that much more rock n’ roll.

I found the one I’m wearing here on Amazon. You can find some amazing ones at SHEIN, Nasty Gal and Fashion Nova too. It helps to know your bust and waist measurement when finding one that works for you.

I suppose my point to this is that you don’t exclusively have to rock florals for spring. If you want to, go for it! However, it’s certainly not a necessity.

Here’s to better weather!

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