Nervosa Takes Over The World With A ‘Worldly’ Lineup

Don’t get me wrong, these badasses are plenty cultured as well, but what’s more amazing is their ability to flawlessly execute a band that consists of members from all over the world.

Ten years ago or so, I started hearing a lot about Nervosa. Four full length albums and one EP later, they’re still cranking out heavy tunes.

Nervosa have always very much been an international band. When I got the chance to talk to their lead singer Diva Satánica on my podcast Very Vogue with Val Kleinhans, I had to ask how they make that very long distance relationship work. She admitted that the current digital age we live in makes this process a lot easier, and she also let me know that there’s so much more coming for the band.

Take a listen!

If you’re in Europe, you’re in luck! Nervosa is coming to you very soon, if they haven’t been to you yet already. In the States, get ready for their arrival in May!

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