What It’s Really Like To Run A Magazine

It’s been a dream of mine to run my own magazine, so when I had the chance to talk to someone who actually does it – I’ll take it!

Meet Emily Watkins. She’s a Rochester, Minnesota local who took over Rochester Women Magazine in 2020.

A huge part of why I created Val In Vogue was because I wanted to design a magazine (or blog!) that mirrored what I saw in life. As much as I enjoy Vogue, I know it doesn’t always cover what’s really going on in the US. I, however, have the power to create what I want to see – so, that’s what you get with Val In Vogue today.

Back to Emily, you’ll love hearing her story and get an inside look at what it really takes to run a magazine in my newest episode of Very Vogue with Val Kleinhans. Take a listen!

For more on Rochester Women Magazine, head to their website.

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