How Val Recreated A KKW Look For Under $200

Sometimes the KKW brand can scream “expensive!” We see it when Kim struts out in Balenciaga for sure. However, you don’t always have to break the bank to look like Kim.

I was attracted to this outfit she put together for a trip to Dubai back in 2016. Peep the nod to a music icon via the shirt! Kim made being a fan of music and 90s fashion look cool here. That’s my vibe too, so why wouldn’t I want to recreate this? Here’s how I did it.

Unfortunately, some of these items are no longer in stock, but I found links to the ones that are and vaguely remember the pricing of each item. If you want to create a version of this look yourself, you’ll need…

You certainly don’t specifically need a Sade shirt to do this, but I thought finding one was fun. Do this with whatever is in your closet! Have fun!

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