6 Facts On What’s Happening With Every Time I Die

What happened to Every Time I Die? Short answer: They broke up. The long answer: it’s complicated…

There is more back-and-forth to this than a tennis match would have, I swear. I’m just as broken hearted as you are over the news that Every Time I Die are no more.

What’s more perplexing is how this all came to be.

Us fans aren’t really getting a totally straight answer on what happened to the band, but we’re getting a lot of talk on social media from band members themselves sharing their own perspectives. Our first clues that something was wrong came in December with Keith’s tweets. Since then, it’s been “statements” from both sides sharing their own view on what happened.

Let’s take this chance to “un-muddy” the water and focus solely on the facts.

  1. We know that the core of this feud rests ultimately between Jordan and Keith Buckley. Both camps have admitted neither is getting along with the other. They agree on that much.
  2. Fans became publicly aware of this feud in December of 2021.
  3. The band environment had been turbulent for years. This didn’t just come suddenly recently.
  4. The entire band deserves a mental health break, not just Keith. Both “sides” are hurt here.
  5. Neither side is feeling heard right now, and wants control of their respective narratives – hence the tweets and other social media posts.
  6. Every Time I Die has broken up.

I was really hoping they could figure things out, but it’s not so. We’ll always have the music!

In the meantime, here’s me with Jordan at the last ETID show I saw in June 2019.

Jordan was nothing but chill, welcoming, and happy to meet us. Dude literally crowd surfed over to their perch booth immediately after finishing their set. That’s also a fact.

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