‘The Police’ Show Us How To Have Fun In Their Videos

Police and “fun” don’t always belong in the same sentence, but today they do.

I was bingeing some YouTube videos when I had some downtime this past week, and I was reminded of good The Police really are.

Let’s take a look at one video I watched in particular which explored the making of “Message In A Bottle” very thoroughly. It was a first number one hit for the band.

You’ll hear it mentioned in that video that The Police were together constantly while making the song. I have to assume that this only solidified their bond as friends and as bandmates. You hear their blend of their own personal tastes. You hear it mold into a

We don’t always see such camaraderie that’s as obvious onscreen and off, but with this band you seem to just feel it. Case in point: the entire group singing the lyrics to their own creation. Check this out.

You’re also seeing a lot of literal shots of them together as a group.

If you’re in a band and want to at least look like you’re having fun together, take notes. Being silly together, singing together, and putting in the time seems to be what worked for The Police.

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