6 Reasons Val Is Obsessed With ‘Queens’

I’ve literally been bingeing this show on Hulu like nobody’s business. This is why.

Let’s start with what Queens even is. For those of you who don’t know, Queens is a newer show on ABC (that I usually catch up on later with Hulu) starring Brandy, Eve, Naturi Naughton, and Nadine Velazquez. It shows the girls (now in their 40s) as they reunite their old hip-hop group “Nasty Bitches” together again – twenty years after being a hit.

Ever since this show premiered in October, I truly haven’t been able to stop watching. What I love about the show is the following:

  • The nostalgia. As I write this, I’m almost 32-years-old. I’m not sure that this show was written for the demographic that I fall into, but it sure as hell feels like it does. I grew up with early 2000s hip-hop. This show drips of homage to that era – the fashion, the music, the flashback scenes… everything! It doesn’t hurt that they employ Jadakiss, Cam’Ron, and Remy Ma to hammer that fact home either.
  • The music. The original music for the show that the “Queens” perform doesn’t suck. You see each of the girls release what’s authentic to them as a group and as individuals.
  • The friendship. Who doesn’t want to see women team up, support each other, and win? Believe me, there’s some drama when they check each other too, but that’s all part of being real with each other, I think.
  • The crossover impact. This show really does a wonderful job of showing how these women (now in their 40s) navigate the current day. In my opinion, Lil’ Muffin‘s character is a great device for this. I love seeing the ladies become a mentor figure to her.
  • The respect of the game. It’s just obvious to me that the writers of this show are hip-hop fans themselves. They’re honoring the genre, and not making it look corny.
  • Brandy’s mic skills. THEY WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. Girl holds her own again Eve too!

Am I the only one who was sleeping on this? Brandy has skills! I love the natural rasp her voice has when she’s straight spitting fire. I’m captivated every time I see a scene like this.

Take my word for it, Queens is something you don’t want to miss.

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