5 Things We’ll See In Janet Jackson’s Documentary

Janet Jackson has been a very private person for most of her career. For most of her career, she’s let her music do the talking for her… until now.

“Iconic” is a word I would use to describe Janet Jackson. I think a lot of us would. From her music, acting skills, and fashion sense, she’s blessed us with some powerful pieces of art for decades. Despite having an extremely famous brother who was already well-known to the world before she was, she still managed mold a career that was entirely hers. She was, and is, in control.

Now we’re getting a look at her career from “behind the curtain” so to speak. Lifetime has announced that they’re releasing a Janet documentary on January 28th.

Here’s what I think we can expect this film to dive into.

  • Her early life in Gary, Indiana with her family. “This is where it started.” Indeed, it did. Gary is where is started for the entire Jackson family. We’ll likely hear about the impact that this decision made on Janet.
  • What motherhood is like for Janet. I’m thinking we’ll see some cute behind the scenes clips here.
  • Her previous relationships. This is something she almost never talks about, but it appears that she’s using this opportunity to set a few rumors straight.
  • Michael, during and after. When your brother is Michael Jackson, you’re going to talk about him, right?
  • Criticism she’s faced in her career. I think she’ll respond to it. Namely, the Justin incident.

Overall, this is going to be a fabulous piece of work. I think it’s a must watch! What do you think?

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