I Matched A Kourtney Kardashian Look For $50

It’s absolutely not a secret that I’ve been obsessed with Kourtney Kardashian’s style lately.

It seems like her fiancé Travis Barker has helped her explore a more punk/rock/goth look… and yet Kourt has found her own way to put a modern twist on it.

When I finally took a break from stalking both of their Instagram accounts (don’t judge – I needed outfit and styling ideas), I decided to try and emulate one of Kourtney’s recent looks because I loved it.

Here’s the look I’m talking about for reference.

Check out that dress!

I was able to find a whole slew of her looks to try when E! covered her recent trip to NYC with Travis.

Stilettos just aren’t my thing, so I opted to wear a similar dress that I found on SHEIN (for just $7) with some chunky black boots instead. I also got the idea for pairing the dress with this style of boot from Kourtney, who has been rocking these bad boys lately.

Yeah, they’re out of my price range. Let’s be real, they’re out of most people’s price range. How did I solve that? I found a similar pair for only $39 at Pretty Little Thing. That was way more affordable. Plus, they look just as cute!

Ready for the result? Here’s how everything came together.

While it’s not exactly what Kourt wore in NYC, it’s very close. It’s also way more affordable.

If you’re into a modern way to rock a 90s punk-rock look, try this outfit on for yourself!

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