I Tried The ‘Space Buns’ Trend, And This Is What Happened

We haven’t seen these since the 90s and early 2000s, and now… they’re back.

Remember “space buns” taking over our TV and movie screens? I do too. I’ve seen this trend continually growing on Instagram and had to try them out myself.

I wanted to take a look at the history behind them before doing this. I was surprised that there actually is quite an extensive history to them!

Hair-styling giant CONAIR explains, “When a certain sci-fi movie burst onto the scene in the ‘70s, buns reappeared with a vengeance! The iconic space buns featured were supposedly inspired by early 20th-century Mexican female revolutionaries, called “soldaderas,” but they are really closer to the Native American Hopi women’s “squash blossom” bun, which blossomed on either side of the head, and were worn only by unmarried women.”

Want to see my interpretation?

Tell me, would you travel to galaxies far and wide to recreate this look?

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