Radio Isn’t As Glamorous As You Think It Is – [LISTEN]

While I have many fond memories of my time in radio, I won’t pretend that there weren’t some traumatic incidents as well.

You see, for a woman, I sometimes wonder if the radio industry is “different” for us. We’re competing with egos, we’re forced to not show emotion or be “sensitive” because we’ll get picked on by our (usually majority male) co-workers. When we do good work, all of a sudden, we’re a “threat” – and sometimes ousted for that. You also don’t choose your own playlist. You’re usually at the mercy of advertisers and sponsors too.

This is the real on radio. I brought my friend Jessica Dean for a discussion on what we both endured, and how to rise above it.

This is a lesson in how to move forward and thrive. To hear more from Jess’s podcast, check out Jess Sayin’.

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