4 Etsy Shops To Know If You Like 90s Styled Clothing

Let’s just say that I went on a little bit of a binge.

Hey, I can’t help it! The 90s simply calls to me… especially when it comes to fashion.

I knew one of the keys to my hot girl summer was staying stacked with some 90s looking t-shirts on hard. Then, I went a little crazy and started thinking about sweatshirts for fall and searched those too. Wanna see what I found?

If you’re a lover of the 90s trend and want to add to your closet, here are some Etsy shops you should know:

If you’re into Snoop, and the look of a 90s styled hip hop tee, there’s a shop that you need to know, and it’s Yukimini. I got this tee there. Don’t think that they only stock 90s artists though. They’ve adapted the style to current artists too!

Barbs simply need this tee in their closet if they love Nicki and the 90s. Find yours at SeptiaShop, which is a lot like Yukimini.

Unfortunately, this Minnesota shirt sold out, but clicking this link might help you find similar ones like it. You can always search the SinaiStore for more throwback clothing too.

Dudes, this shop is just for you. If you’re into retro hats like this (unfortunately, this one is sold out), go to RetroApparelDudes shop.

Now that you’ve had a look at my recent Etsy haul, are you going to give any of these shops a try?

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