Where To Find The Best 90s Pop Shirts

N’SYNC, Britney, Backstreet Boys, Christina…. we all had a soft spot for them in the 90s, didn’t we?

As a 31-year-old, I’m ecstatic that the trends I couldn’t afford (or have much say in because everything was up to my parents) in the 90s are now coming back around to give me a chance to indulge in them!

One trend I hope doesn’t die – musician t-shirts. You know your girl loves band tees, but why not have tees from any artist that means something to you? Not just exclusively bands from a particular genre, but every genre.

We did this in the 90s, and now I’m so ready to enjoy it.

Want to know where I found each shirt? I got you!

These artists totally have a place in my heart, and I know you’ll love these tees if you adore them too. Enjoy!

I’ll do another series featuring my R&B collection soon.

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