How To Get Better At Using Pronouns

Do using different pronouns for different people confuse you? I’m hoping that I can help with that.

To maintain the principle of keeping things real here at Val In Vogue, I wanted to share with you that I’ve struggled with using pronouns properly. It’s not a good look. Especially for being a basic, white, heterosexual female. We’ve got to be the ones that use our privilege to do better.

For me, this subject got real when Demi Lovato made their announcement.

I realized that I want to be someone of straight orientation that shows other heterosexuals that it’s okay to mess up someone else’s preferred pronouns (we’re all still getting the hang of it!), but it’s more important to learn and grow from that experience. It’s so important not to be deterred by those moments, and to continue to practice using someone’s preferred pronouns.

When we do this, we’re validating that person.

I discussed this further on my podcast, Very Vogue with Val Kleinhans this week.

Want more? GLADD is a wonderful resource when it comes to pronouns.

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