Why This ‘Teen Mom 2’ Moment With Leah Is Problematic

If you’re like me, you have guilty pleasure TV shows that you like to watch. One of mine is Teen Mom 2. While watching past episodes, I saw something that seriously made me cringe.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Leah Messer and her girls. It’s easy to see why she’s a fan favorite. She’s endured so much, and come out on top with a beautiful family included.

This moment, however, made me *facepalm*

Did you catch it? This is already a tense moment for a lot of reasons, but for me, it’s hardest to watch Leah question how Corey has been handling their health insurance situation. She thinks he needs to be following up more than he already has (and in a not so nice manner).

*sigh* ooohhh girl. As someone who is (sort of) involved in a service industry as a day job, let me use this moment as a point to say – NOPE. You’re still speaking with another human on the other end of that telephone. Be kind. Be respectful. Too many of us treat those that are providing a service like trash.

I absolutely understand their concern for their daughter here. I know it’s hard to wait for things to happen in her case. I know health insurance alone is a pain. It’s disgusting how much these companies force endless bureaucracy and policy onto us (so much so that it toys with our health!). However, PLEASE don’t pin your demands and frustrations on the poor sap whose employed by these awful companies.

Why not take up the issues with the way they do business with their superiors? Or better yet, use your vote to impact how much control health insurance companies have.

In that case, we all might be better off.

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