‘Hot Girl Sandals’ You’ll Need For Your Own ‘Hot Girl Summer’

Okay, they’re docs. Don’t @ me.

For the last year and a half, I’ve been involved in a heavy love affair with Dr. Martens as a brand. While I love their famous boots, I’m infatuated with their sandals too!

They give off the perfect 90s summer vibes. I have two pairs now. This summer, they’ve released a new pair that made my Spice Girls platform dreams come true. Take a look at this pair that I’m wearing on Instagram.

I splurged and bought the sandals you see here back in April so I’d have them for summer – and now your girl is rocking them every chance she gets!

A few things to know before you buy:

  1. SIZE DOWN. I’m normally a women’s 8, but when I bought my first pair of doc sandals (this Insta-famous pair here) last year, I learned really quickly that their sandals are oversized. Size down when you’re in the market for Dr. Martens sandals.
  2. The quality is solid. Are they pricey? Yes. Do they last longer than one summer. Yes.

Have fun and get yourself a pair for your own hot girl summer!

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