Val’s Best Animal Print Looks This Winter So Far

2021 has already gotten off to wild start!

We had that whole storming the capitol moment, the inauguration, and now monochrome neutrals and animal print are taking over as trends in stores everywhere.

You know your girl had to jump on both trends. To be honest, I think they fit my personal style best because I do love earth tones, black, and neutrals. It can be argued that animal prints are now seen as neutrals.

Let’s take a look at how to make neutrals and animal prints work for you this winter.

The first thing I’ll share is that you don’t need to go completely animal with it. You can find subtle ways to incorporate some prints without being a distraction. Try working animal print in with one top, or bottom, or coat, etc – just one item. Then see how it feels!

This little rule of them can help you stay “professional yet styled” too. Take a look at this coat I nabbed from Straight To Hell.

There’s subtle print here on the collar, but it’s not overwhelming. I can wear this to work and look cute but not overdone.

I ain’t mad at ya if you need to go to 10 with the animal print either, so, let’s be honest if you’re on the other end of the spectrum here too: you can go full print.

In fact, I think winter is the best time to do it. Take this coat for example.

You wanna look like a warm tiger, go ahead boo boo! Winter weather is the perfect excuse for looking like a literal bundled animal. No one will judge you for trying to stay warm and doing it with style.

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