You’re Probably Going To Cut Your Hair Like This In 2021

Who knew the Cyrus family was so trendy when it came to hair!?

Our first clue as to how fashionable the Cyrus family could be with their hair came with legend Billy Ray. Let’s face it – in the early 90s, no one wore a mullet better.

Miley is carrying the hair torch for the Cyrus family now, bringing her own brand of “mullet” back to the mainstream. I always called her new look more of a “shag” than a mullet, but I digress. It’s still an amazingly rock n’ roll look!

We got out first clue that the enviable cut was coming in February.

Then, that style became a little more refined… or, ironically, a lot more rock n’ roll. I actually think it looks better than it originally did!

Here’s Miley’s hair now.

She’s now stepping into the rock world thanks to the massively successful Plastic Hearts, and I’m welcoming her fully to the rock side. I think her hair is pretty much the ornament on that pretty tree at this point.

If it was always Miley’s plan to get a little more edgy, changing her hair was a step in the right direction. The “shag” has been seen since the 70s punk scene in London, and has evolved in rock n’ roll and heavy metal ever since. It’s still a classic cut that a lot of rockers chose to wear even today.

The best part about this cut is that it grows out into a nice layered look too. This makes it perfect for quarantine!

Don’t be surprised if you see more women wearing their hair the way Miley does in 2021. Are you going to try out this hair trend?

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