Val’s Black Friday 2020 Haul

Ugh – spoken like a true American. I have to admit that I do like the temporary happiness new fun things give me. I indulged in that this Black Friday. Did you?

To be clear, not all of these items were on sale, but rather links I’d saved after careful selection to ensure I wasn’t buying crap just to buy crap. Now, I figured, was the time to buy. Wanna see what I treated myself to this season?

Let’s start small first…

Locally, I happen to have a kickass hair stylist that also makes her own jewelry. When I saw that she created the cutest homage to Jack Skellington of The Nightmare Before Christmas, I had to buy them!

Want your own pair? She does most of her sales on Facebook.

As the self proclaimed queen of Dr. Martens, I needed to add this next pair to my Christmas list ASAP. So, I did. Then, I bought them.

These Sinclair faux croc skin boots were just made for me – and all rockers alike. I had to have them! The actual Dr. Martens site has these sold out in your girl’s size, so I got creative…

I went to Nordstrom, and checked out their Black Friday sale because I also wanted some cute faux leather scrunchies to wear at the office or… whenever, really. While I was there, I caught that they also sell Dr. Martens. So, I bought the boots and scrunchies together for a nice completed look.

Lastly, I took advantage of Straight To Hell’s Black Friday sale and scored a cute sweater. They’re marking things 20% off right now with the code HOLIDAY. You’re welcome.

Here’s a look at the sweater I bought!

You can totally rock this sweater at work, and on the go while running errands. I’m obsessed!

Did you treat yourself this season?

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