Rockin’ Albums To Get In December 2020

Okay, I’ll admit it – December might as well be called re-release month for hard rock and heavy metal this year.

While I’m going to direct your attention to two new releases that I have high expectations for, I have to admit that I’m noticing a hell of a lot of re-releases this month too. Wanna check out what’s coming? Here’s my list…

  • Grandson – Death Of An Optimist: out on December 4th,  I’m looking forward to Grandson’s debut. He kicked ass at Northern Invasion a few years back. His sound is very Rage Against The Machine-like. Try him out!

  • Soilwork – A Whisp Of The Atlantic EP: Rarely does Soilwork ever release anything that sucks. On December 4th, I’m looking forward to new material from them – even if it’s not quite a full album.

  • Deftones – White Pony Re-Release: If you’re going to do a re-release, I think the Deftones are going about it the right way here. On December 11th, you’re not only getting a re-release of White Pony, you have the option of getting a whole album full of remixes (of White Pony) in Black Stallion too. Like I said, if you’re going to do a re-release make it big and offer as much of anything new as you can, just as the Deftones are doing here, I think.

For another look at what else is coming this month in the world of hard rock and heavy metal, click here. I’m also paying special attention to the Iced Earth and Alcest re-releases coming too.

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