You Should’ve Listened To This Music In October

Don’t worry, if you missed it I’m here to recap it for you.

There were three particular pieces of music that really caught my eye last month, so I thought I’d share them and give you the chance to check them out for yourself!

Let’s start with the return of punk pop…

Okay, technically this was released in September, BUT we didn’t really digest it until October because it was released so late that month. That’s why I think it can still apply here.

We didn’t expect a pop punk record from MGK, but he ended up being the perfect person to bring it back with Tickets To My Downfall.

What makes me happiest about this record is that the music obviously slaps, but there’s some seriously authentic elements to it too. Machine Gun Kelly recruited Travis Barker for production and drum help on this project – and let’s face it, Blink 182 were arguably the kings of the genre in their day.

We also have a breakup song featuring an actual couple who broke up – MGK and Halsey. We hear this in “forget me too,” which has a fiery edge to it that only an actual set of former lovers could bring. I’m glad they made a better musical match than romantic one!

Onto an album that was actually released in October…

We’ve waited since 2004 for more of Mr. Bungle, the creation of Mike Patton (also Faith No More), Trevor Dunn, and Trey Spruance. When they returned in October of 2020, they gave us the same heavy metal edge they had then thanks to the addition of Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo. The Raging Wrath of The Easter Bunny is a re-recording of the band’s first self-released demo tape of the same name from 1986.

While a re-recording does excite me because this particular one didn’t suck, I’m ready for new music from Mr. Bungle which will hopefully come soon.

It’s about time we heard Ariana get real about womanhood! She gets explicit on this record. We knew she was capable of being explicit, but she always just seemed to tow the line between fiesty and sexual beast… now she’s a full on beast!

We have Positions to thank for this new version of Ari.

She’s a lot clearer about her intentions and… for lack of better term… positions. Lyrically, it’s refreshing!

Which piece of music got your attention this past month? Did any of these artists or albums hit the mark for you?

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