Bullying Is So Much More Than ‘Teasing’ – [LISTEN]

t’s a tough world out there. We don’t need bullies to make it harder. Here’s how to cope if you’re a victim.

On this week’s edition of Very Vogue with Val Kleinhans, I wanted to recognize what’s coming on Wednesday this week – National Stop Bullying Day.

It’s a day where we talk about bullying. We dissect why it happens, how to cope if you’re a victim, and take a look at some seriously sobering statistics about it. I’ll admit that most of what you’ll hear (when it comes to stats) involves children, but don’t forget that bullying does continue into adulthood sometimes too.

This is my story. This is where you can find out more.

You’ll notice that I encountered bullying well into adulthood. That has to stop. We’re better than this!

I also reflected on that fact that by being complacent in some very grade school bullying behavior, I regret that this allowed for it to continue. No more. I’m an adult that speaks up now, and I hope you will be too.

The statistics mentioned about bullying in this episode can be found thanks to some wonderful organizations: Do Something and StopBullying.gov.

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