Small Businesses You Should Get Rockin’ T-Shirts From

What a world we live in where small businesses are having such a public moment. I’m here for it!

I do realize that this year, 2020, is especially hard on small businesses, so I feel like now is the perfect time to dive deeper into supporting them.

I’m not someone who likes to “follow the crowd” – especially when it comes to fashion. So, I try really hard to find things that are original. I am more than happy to support small businesses that sell things that big brands aren’t, because a lot of times those items just seem to have some individual quality about them. You know, immediately, that you’re one of few people on the planet who have those clothing items, ya know?

Allow me to introduce you to Gothic Lamb, Discount Cemetery, and Rattlesnake Suitcase (who I happened to be a first American customer for!).

I’ve mentioned Gothic Lamb before, and they’re still amazing to me! Discount Cemetery also has my heart because they really do enjoy interacting with their customers online. They even send in cute spooky themed treats as a way to say thank you! How cool is that!?

This spooky goth is more than pleased with these selections. Check out those amazing shops today!

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