Cloaks: The Perfect Spooky Season Addition To Your Closet

Cloaks have been considered “creepy” for a while, but they’re pretty functional too. This blog is going to serve as me making a case as to why they’d be an excellent addition to your closet.

I feel like we stray from cloaks because, well, they’re considered “creepy” in our society. They’re connected with assassins, demons, mystery, priests, witchcraft, peasants from the Renaissance era, and the most well-known cloaked figure of all: Little Red Riding Hood. Because there is such an array of “characters” and types of people who have made cloaks part of their style and aura, I find it ironic that the first assumption we make about them is that they’re “creepy.” People of all types and walks of life have made cloaks part of their wardrobe.

Honestly, I don’t find them to be scary at all, but I’ll play along.

When it comes to functionality, cloaks actually can keep us warm. They can consist of several different fabrics and materials that can accommodate a variety of weather. They provide awesome coverage, and yes, can add a fun bit of mystery to your look too.

It’s those reasons that persuaded me to add a few to my closet this season. Want to see some cool ones I snagged? Check out my list below!

  • “In The Shadows” cloak: I found this one at Killstar which caught a lot of burrs on it when I shot with it in the woods, but I digress, still a fun and comfortable look.
  • Then, there’s this one I found from Shein.
  • Then there’s this absolutely kickass open front blazer which is perfect for throwing over a band tee, or a blouse you’d typically wear to work.

Enjoy these ideas! Don’t be afraid to embrace the cloak!

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