AfterTime Set Sail On First Full-Length Album

This album is not for the weak. AfterTime released some killer new music this week.

I do have to admit some bias here, firstly. The wonderfully talented humans that make up AfterTime are local to Minnesota – some, specifically, to my city of Rochester. I have seen them live multiple times, and was never disappointed in doing so. I support them because they truly are one of only a few metal bands “local” to me. However, it’d be a lot harder to support them if they sucked – and they don’t, thankfully.

Welcome to a review of the new (and first!) album from AfterTime called The Farthest Shore.

If you’re into symphonic metal at all, this band needs to be on your radar. Their sound is only growing. I’ve seen them play super small venues, and mid-size ones. Regardless, they play with their hearts and wear their Epica and Nightwish influences on their sleeves and somehow come out sounding like them.

The production on The Farthest Shore showcases this in songs like “Battle Of The Sea” (which hits you immediately with a freaking symphony!) that provides a wonderful setup for the concept of the album. You’re well aware that you’re about to go on a journey, and that’s how symphonic metal should sound. The symphonic and choir elements last throughout the entire album, which show an air of professionalism in my book – and I couldn’t help but note this growth for the band just as a fan. AfterTime expanded their sound with this added production on The Farthest Shore.

Sarah’s voice really opens up nicely on “Planetary Eyes” as well. “Sanctuary” is where we start to hear instruments that sound super authentic to the “pirate era.”

I’m not a musician, but I can say that this album includes some wonderful symphony and cinematic elements that do serve the purpose I assume they were intended for: The Farthest Shore takes you on a journey – you’re welcomed, escorted, and then left with a huge Symphony X “Odyssey” – esque finale in the title track all thanks to the music.

This band obviously had a vision in mind before creating their first album, and they slayed it. It’s exactly what I would’ve hoped for from them. Take a listen below!

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