6 Transition Season Spooky Items I Added To My Closet

We’re all into transition season right now as temps drop and fall gets closer, so why not prepare your closet in a spooky way?

My closet is only going to get spookier, and more alternative, with some classical rock n’ roll vibes that I maintain as I dive into who I am. When I think about the word “spooky” – I just break it down by definition it as whatever isn’t “normal,” ya know?

For whatever reason, black is a taboo color in American society. I’m guessing that this is because we tend to associate it with death, or mourning. It’s not supposed to be a color (or state of mind) that we want to be in for too long. However, goths, alternative fans, and music nerds alike have turned to this color to represent being an outcast – likely for the reasons I mentioned previous. It’s simply about going against the status quo.

I do happen to prefer the color myself. I think it goes nicely with my god given natural black hair.

When I decided to spookify my closet and really dive into this part of myself, I tried to find pieces that I knew were transition, fun, and I could see turning into multiple outfits. Here’s what I found!

Most of these shops are size inclusive, so keep searching to find your perfect fit! Happy almost fall, ya’ll!

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