Wonderfully Spooky Things To Wear During ‘Transition Season’

September is here, lovelies! That means (what the fashion world calls) “transition season” has arrived.

I’m asked quite frequently what we should do with our closets whenever transition season hits, and there’s a few things that I’ve learned along the way.

  1. Layer, layer, layer… don’t be afraid to mix your favorite cardigans under some denim jackets, or throw on a vest over that favorite long sleeved t-shirt.
  2. Mix light and heavy…think about mixing lighter fabrics with heavier ones. Cotton with lace, for example. I love a good lace or nylon duster this time of year.
  3. Tights are your friend… while I’m partial to classic fishnets, I find that most tights (in general) are a great way to “layer” and keep your legs warm without sending them to a denim or polyester abyss (leggings, anyone?) for winter just yet. Although, leggings really are a great option for layering too.
  4. HAVE FUN… there really is no “wrong” way to rock transition season looks. Enjoying mixing prints, fabrics, and patterns!

Would you like to see some examples of how I’m rocking transition season? Take a look!

A frilly, tutu-like skirt added a little bit of femininity to this grunge look – but also ties the whole thing in a badass bow too.

Take a look at my tights example here…

Again, I find tights and leggings to be hardcore essentials for transition season. If you’re not ready to throw in the “summer towel” just yet on your summer wardrobe, consider creating looks using tights and leggings before committing to denim or twill pants.

Oh, and peep that duster too! I’m pretty sure is a lacey-polyester fabric, but I digress, a light duster adds some drama and style to transition season.

Now go to your closet and create some new outfits for this season!

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