It’s Okay To Be Angry With COVID

Royally upset with COVID-19 and the multitude of damage that it’s caused? Me too, boo boo.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been dealing with this since March already. The coronavirus seems to have ruined just about everything we used to enjoy.

I’ve already had five concerts postponed or cancelled on me this year. I miss my family. I miss using my gym regularly. My summer plans (hell, 2020 plans for that matter) have been blown to bits. I hate how upset everyone around me is about COVID. I hate the mask debates. I’m sleeping too much because I’ve had bouts of depression these last few months. I’m not eating right because I just want “comfort food” lately.

People are losing income and scared. Most of all, I feel for the families and friends who have actually lost loved ones to COVID. None of it seems fair.

Despite this, what I can offer is the fact that we’re not alone in this. In fact, the NCHS and Census Bureau are teaming up and surveying us to check in on our mental health. Their Household Pulse Survey reports, “During January-June 2019, 8.2% of adults aged 18 and over had symptoms of anxiety disorder, 6.6% had symptoms of depressive disorder, and 11.0% had symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder.” In the US as a whole, about 35% of us have struggled with our mental health in the past month and are still struggling right now. This includes about 27% of Minnesotans. Mississippi seems to have been struggling the most with their mental health lately, with around 42% of their citizens suffering from anxiety or depression within the past month.

You are so not alone if you’re experiencing anxiety or depression or both right now.

Take a deep breath, hydrate, get outside safely, exercise safely, stay in touch with loved ones safely, and know that one day all of this will come to an end.

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